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    March 02, 2010 • General

    Greetings to everyone from Vancouver, Canada. With the Olympics having ended, I will be recapping my top 10 moments from the games shortly. Until then, may the world remain at peace!


    1. aerodarts

      Hi Mr 2009 US Chess Champion!

      Looking foward to reading your top ten! In regards to your hope for the world remain at peace, well so do I have have such a wish………but reality sure paints a high chance of war. I found an article By Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse………. and took out a clip to post here and if that is against the rules please delete it!!

      I have nothing to do with this website, but I found the information in the article reliable.


      Also found this very interesting………

      “The essence of war is surprise. So, despite all those billions of dollars and the high-tech weaponry, and the nine areas discussed above, keep your eyes open for the unexpected and confounding, and in the meantime, welcome to the grim spectacle of war American-style as the second decade of the twenty-first century begins in turmoil”.

      and this clip:

      “With the rarest of exceptions, like Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan’s massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, this country has remained a world without war or any kind of mobilization for war. No other major terrorist attacks, not even victory gardens, scrap-metal collecting, or rationing. And certainly no war tax to pay for our post-9/11 trillion-dollar “expeditionary forces” sent into battle abroad. Had we the foresight to name them, the last few years domestically might have reflected a different kind of carnage — 2006, the Year of the Subprime Mortgage; 2007, the Year of the Bonus; 2008, the Year of the Meltdown; 2009, the Year of the Bailout. And perhaps some would want to label 2010, prematurely or not, the Year of Recovery.

    2. Satyajit Malugu

      I heard that you are living is Seattle area. If by any chance you are visiting any local club, could you update here so that I can see you and may be shake hands?

    3. chessteve

      Hikaru, you have written two sentences in the last two months! Or is it three months? Whatever. But, you know…

      It isn’t a blog if you don’t BLOG!

      Hey I really like to read your stuff but I feel like I wasted a minute of my life everytime I check your blog. Could you blog, say once a week? Fridays are good for me.

      Ok its a done deal you write every Friday!


    4. FirebrandX

      That’s why long blogs or posts should be done in notepad. Then you just copy and paste it as many times as you need, while still retaining the original text file.

    5. aerodarts

      Anyone have access to delete or edit comments??? This must be fixed!!! Looking for more from our champ!!!

    6. SuperUser Account

      There’s timeout for security reasons. Basically if you’re typing in a box, the server doesn’t know you’re on here.

      Then your session is gone after a certain amount of time. I’m working on a new website for Hikaru, but no ETA. It will be better than what he has.

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