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  • Old man breaks land speed record. https://t.co/sTleYDMgud
  • Hope everyone's having a wonderful Wednesday! Today is another day of @ChessSuperLEA with @ReheSamay and… https://t.co/li8KuL2vzU
  • Another early day, taking part of Day 2 in @ReheSamay and @sagarchess1's Super League, and later in #TitledTuesday.… https://t.co/jrTlHwy73p
  • Very happy to see another chess streamer joining an org and congrats to @theAllianceGG for signing @AMKazarian - s… https://t.co/Rhtp0ZfjCw
  • Rise and Shine!! Barely awake but streaming at https://t.co/1IAaMM5tcJ - playing in @ReheSamay and @sagarchess1 's… https://t.co/qDEH1PBHwy
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    2015 US Chess Championship

    June 08, 2015 • Blog

    As most of you know, I have started a collaboration with chess.com, so here is the link to the actual blog post.


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