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  • So it started with @lachesisq and went through @MagnusCarlsen @LudwigAhgren @anishgiri and @xQc with add-ons by… https://t.co/yNZMPQwZtp
  • So @MagnusCarlsen calls #pogchamps3 on @chesscom a "good initiative." @lachesisq thinks it's "popcorn stuff is repl… https://t.co/1T3pxurRqp
  • A long-time member and supporter of the chess community needs your vote. He's also an amazing chef (or a really goo… https://t.co/LVLiDTg1Rp
  • Congrats to @pokimanelol on that win over @Rubiu5 . I know @Anna_Chess has been coaching you both and she's the nic… https://t.co/Y70zZT73l1
  • I talked about the Fat Fritz 2 controversy today and wanted to invite @AlbertSilver64 from @ChessBase and someone… https://t.co/2AVu31N0gn
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    2015 US Chess Championship

    June 08, 2015 • Blog

    As most of you know, I have started a collaboration with chess.com, so here is the link to the actual blog post.


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