Amateur Team East

February 20, 2008 • General

Hello everyone! It has been far too long since I last blogged, so I will add an entry today. This past weekend I decided to play in the Amateur Team East for the first time in 2 years. The tournament which has now been running for 35+ years is one of the very few tournaments which I still will always try to play. I have always found this tournament very enjoyable due to the fact that it is pretty much the only tournament where one can see friends who they haven’t seen in many years. This did happen with me as I came across quite a few people whom I had not seen in several years. As far as the chess is concerned, I went 6-0 and only had to play 2 players above master (Kelleher and Mabe). I will probably add some more thoughts later, but this is all for now.


  1. Stan Oleynick

    Hello Hikaru, I couldn’t find an email on your blog to contact you so I will leave a comment in hopes of you reading it, sorry for doing it this way but I can’t think of anything else. Feel free to delete the comment once you read it.

    My name is Stan Oleynick and I’m the founder of CrowdChess (

    CrowdChess is a new chess variation where thousands of people play together against each other, creating the ultimate “wisdom of crowds” battlefield and with that a platform that pushes the boundaries of human intelligence. We plan to organize games where country plays vs. country, university vs. university, best players play against a super computer, etc so there is hopefully a lot of potential in this idea and it will be a success.

    Anyway the reason I’m writing you is we are organizing a grandmaster vs. the world game in the next few weeks and I just wanted to try my luck and see if you would be interested to play against the world? It would be the highest honor to have you play. The game will played over the internet on the one move per day basis so you will have 24 hours to make a move and if you have internet access there should not be any problems. All together we plan on having 3 games. If you don’t have the time for 3 games we can make it either 1 or 2 games and we can also make the game faster if you will want.

    We are a young start-up company and thus do not have a lot of finances but I can offer you $1,000 for each game.

    Please let me know what you think and whether you would be interested in this idea?

    I will also give you great exposure on our site and put a link to your site!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed,


    Stan Oleynick
    (916) 712-9637

  2. Hikaru Nakamura

    You can reach me at

  3. Mabe’s comments about playing you were interesting. .

    Glad you have your site up!

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