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February 02, 2011 • General

Hello once again to everyone out there! I know everyone is anxiously awaiting my thoughts and recap on the 2011 Tata Steel Chess Tournament, but I have come down with a rather serious cold/flu and spent much of the last two days in bed.

However, for all the fans out there I do have some good news as I have been invited to the Dortmund supertournament this upcoming July! This double round robin will feature Kramnik, Ponomariov as well as three other top grandmasters!


White Plains



  1. Grats on your win Nakamura. You treated your pieces well and so they treated you well. May I ask who your second was for this tournament?

  2. I have the same question. Is Kris Littlejohn still your 2nd. Was he with in Holland

  3. AWESOME!!! I was “sort of pumping my fists in the air and saying ‘YEAH!!!'” when I read that you’re going to Dortmund (please note that I was alluding to your quote about “sort of jumping up and down around the room”)!

    Sorry about the cold; I had it last week here in Oregon. If it’s the same one, then it’s not a terribly long-lasting cold. Get well soon!

  4. If I remember correctly Hikaru said that he was the only one GM out there without a second 🙂

    What impressed me on that tournament it was his Caro- Kann game and the move with bishop Be4 around 8th move if I remember correctly.
    Hikaru remembered that mister Karpov suggested that move some while ago and he just..give it a try.
    That is something! To give a try move on such high stake.

    Meanwhile Karpov played 2 games with Ananad and he drawn both of them and was better with white!

  5. Daryn Moran

    can’t wait to cheer for you in July, go get Dortmund, Champ

  6. Great Win! Nice to see a Yank back in the top 10!!

  7. Joseph Dreher

    Dear Hikaru (or should I say Nakamura-sensei?!)

    Great, great win!! I watched it around 4:30-5:00AM here in St. Louis. Naka-naka yoku dekimashita-ne! Yoku gambarimashita!

    Great news that you will be playing in Bilbao and Dortmund! Finally, people will recognize your true talent and creativity. I think this is the death of boring, drawish chess! Your fighting chess spirit and tenacious wins were very inspiring. I can’t wait to watch your next tournament.

    I hope you feel better soon! O-daij-ni!



  8. Mike Kruse


    I am so proud of you! Your win at Tata was the greatest performance since Fischer’s championship in 1972.

    Keep up the great work. You rock!

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