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  • Doing some blindfold chess and blindfold 960 on my afternoon stream over on https://t.co/1IAaMM5tcJ via @chesscom!
  • Schedule for the final week of streaming before the 2019 US Chess Championship! https://t.co/En2rYL21xh
  • While not directly affecting those of us in North America, it is imperative that the internet is open and free for… https://t.co/cSibLrw4aA
  • Streaming schedule for the first week of March! Arena Kings, Titled Tuesday and normal blitz/bullet games as well! https://t.co/aLtRFRUhUG
  • Streaming schedule for this week including Sub Thursday and a viewer arena on Wednesday! https://t.co/ahe1z1pzqD
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    Blog Update

    April 28, 2010 • General

    Greetings from sunny Saint Louis! Fresh off the links at Glen Echo Country Club, I’ll be adding a blog about my pending move to Saint Louis and upcoming events both for myself and the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis!

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    1. Cool! I lived in S. Illinois when young, and we visited St. Louis once in a while. When you make your next entry, don’t forget to tell us your golf score.

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