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    Cap D'Agde 2008

    February 26, 2008 • General

    My life lately has been fairly normal with not a whole lot to mention. Ever since the Amateur Team which I played a week ago, I’ve been reading and studying chess quite a bit. Yesterday, I got an invitation to play the rapid tournament in Cap D’Agde France. I was previously invited 2 years ago but was not able to participate due to scheduling conflicts. This year, however, I am going to play the event. I will update everyone when I have more details or something mildly interesting is happening in my life.


    1. Besides chess, what else is going on in?
      Rumors were that you were playing poker, had a girlfriend…you know the normal stuff besides being a top GM 😉

    2. Hikaru Nakamura

      Haha…I’ll get to that later when I feel like writing a longer blog sometime next week. Right now, I’m just studying chess intensely.

    3. study study Hikaru —- You gotta stay ahead of the game my man Good luck in France! What about the Grunfeld?

    4. firebrandx

      BTW Hikaru, congrats on your #1 rank bullet and Blitz on playchess! Great work!

    5. Keep up the great work!

    6. Did you ever play this him on ICC? He is about to be a 9 year old USCF Master!

    7. Shereshevsky

      Go NAKA gooooooooooooo destroy them ! 🙂

    8. Just wondering if you knew who the participants will be. Also, do you have to pay for you own travel and lodging to these tournaments or do have some sort of sponsor? I’ve always been curious on how this works.

    9. fischerreborn

      yes naka study real hard cause 2700 is right around the conner and your going to be playing with the big boys … not the weak u.s chess players you have grown tired of playing!! GL dude i got faith in u

    10. timhortons

      these is timhortonsknight at icc, im a member of chessgames.com and some kibitzer there is pointing out that youre blitz game at icc is destroying youre game…is these true?

    11. How can the be true when he has won the last 5? tournaments he has played in.

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