Endfest 18

September 11, 2009 • General

Hello to everyone out there once again! In an effort to start branching out, I am going to blog about all things which are of interest as opposed to simply chess-related events. For anyone who is expecting nothing but hardcore chess news, this certainly is not the place to be! During my downtime here in Seattle, I will probably be spending the vast majority of my time blogging about my lovely adventures in the Northwest.

After I went for a nice walk around Green Lake  on Wednesday, I was interviewed by Pacific Citizen which is an asian publication based out of Los Angeles, California. The interview was pretty interesting, although the questions start seeming similar after a while. I am not sure when the piece will be published, but I suspect it will be sometime within the next week. So stay tuned!

Yesterday was certainly a lot more interesting as I ventured out to Endfest 18 at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington. The process of simply getting out there was interesting in itself as there was a lot of traffic in downtown Seattle and on the interstate too. Alas, we all got there safe and sound after a lot of traffic arriving around 5 PM. The venue was very nice as the amphitheatre itself is an outdoor concert venue with both seats and a lawn for people to sit on and enjoy the show. The main attraction for the event were Blink182 and Weezer. Having been a teenager in the late 90s and early 2000s, I was quite familiar with their music. Nevertheless, I found the two opening bands to be quite good as well. Chester French and Taking Back Sunday definitely fulfilled my expectations, although I thought the lead singer for Chester French could have done a better job if he was not trying to be a Napoleon Dynamite look alike.

At this point, the main entertainment for the evening got started when Weezer came on. They played many of their best songs including Falling For You, Island In The Sun, Beverly Hills,No One Else, Undone, etc. Although it was hard to follow some of the lyrics due to the very large and LOUD sound system, the general gist of the words was quite easy to follow. Overall it was very splendid performance and they involved the crowd which made it even better. The lead singer, Rivers Cuomo was also a very good stage performer and definitely made it more memorable. A+

The second major group performing was Blink 182. This group, unlike Weezer has nto stayed together through the years. They broke up in 2005, but recently got back together. The band also did not vary much from their big hits as they played First Date, Feeling This,Always,Miss You, etc. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this performance as much since I found the vocals to be a little shaky. However, the drummer Travis was simply amazing and pretty much made up for it. The highlight of the show was definitely when he did a drum solo while in the air with his drum set on a portion of the stage which came off the ground. This was simply breathtaking and something which I was certainly not expecting. Overall, a solid performance, I would have preferred it if the two bands had played in the opposite order. B+

Going to a concert which was not directly in Seattle meant that the ride back took a long time as we (I am not using names here) were all in different areas of town. This meant that I got back home at 12:30 AM which has left me with a short afternoon in which to get stuff done. However, it was certainly a great concert and I would certainly recommend seeing Weezer if one has the opportunity (assuming you like this type of music). That is pretty much all for now, check back for updates later in the week. Here are a few pictures from last night. Enjoy!

The stage from where I was sitting.

The stage and the interesting lighting background for Blink182.

The confetti coming out everywhere following the end of the concert.


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