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    March 21, 2008 • General

    I have now been in Nice, France for the past two days. Oddly enough, this happens to be the first trip abroad that I have made alone which makes for an interesting and new experience. Originally, I thought I would be staying in Monaco and would have gone and gambled away my life’s savings at the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo; however, as it turned out I ended up in Nice instead. The area itself is quite pleasant with a nice ocean breeze and plenty of scenery. Yesterday, I actually ended up walking over to the playing site for the Melody Amber tournament and spoke briefly with some of the players and journalists. Nothing really shocking happened, although it appeared that the game Karjakin-Van Wely was more or less losing from the start according to Topalov and Leko.

    Today, I decided to relax and went out and took a few pictures. Other than that, I didn’t really do much besides preparing for my game against Bacrot tomorrow. In a few hours I will catch a train to Marseille and will attempt to blog from there. I do not know the official website right off, but I will post it as soon as I know for sure.

    Au Revoir,



    1. Go get ’em Hikaru!

    2. timhortons

      goodluck to youre game with bacrot, if you could give us the official site online of that tournament so we can have the pgn of youre game

    3. FirebrandX

      I’ll be rooting for you to light the board on fire! I myself had a great tournament last night, beating my first master and a couple experts. Hope to see you perform well too!

    4. FirebrandX

      Although in french, I did find the result of the game. A draw! Here’s the link to the game and french annotation:


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