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    French League Part I

    March 26, 2008 • General

    Hello everyone, I have been rather swamped with work (when I am not playing 1-min games on ICC) so I won’t be posting any of my games just yet. However, I played rather mediocre chess in the French League on the whole. In the first game I drew Etienne Bacrot with white. The 2nd game I swindled Vladimir Baklan with black in an Alekhine and drew. And in the 3rd game I beat French GM Andrei Sokolov with white. At some point tomorrow I will probably post a game or two from the event with annotations. Au Revior, et au bientot!


    1. timhortons

      all the best smallville!! im hoping more exciting chess from you at icc!

    2. Hey Nak,
      I’m Miki, we met in Japan last summer at the last round of the Japan Chess Championship… do you remember me?
      I was hoping to see you last november at the national congress in Philadelphia…
      Looking forward to seeing you at some point again,
      You’re by far my favorite player.
      All the best,

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