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    Fresh Air and The Life!

    May 03, 2008 • General

    Where to begin…? As many people seem to know, I am currently attempting to reside in lovely British Columbia (as the license plates state for those who are Canadian) and what a wonderful world it is. This past week I actually decided to check out the great site www.meetup.com! As per request from Jesse and our lovely host Yvonne, I am deciding to blog on this great topic. One of the great things about being out here in British Columbia is the extremely eclectic and cosmopolitan mix of both people and restaurants. It seems as though on any given street a person can find a great mix of an Iraqi restaurant,Mongolian or Italian restaurant.

    All this aside, tonight I ate at this great restaurant The Afghan Horsemen (http://www.afghanhorsemen.com/) with a great group of people. Surprisingly, despite having traveled to many, many countries across various continents; before tonight, I had yet to ever eat Afghan food. What can I say though, it was excellent cuisine. Later on as the group was getting ready to leave we were treated to some fun Afghan belly dancing (1 or 2 incriminating pictures to follow later) which was also top quality. After this, I went and saw some unbelievably great improvisation at the New Revue Stage down on Granville Island.

    That is all for now, but I will definitely put up a picture or two for those who want to see some. In other news, I will be giving a simul next Friday to benefit British Columbia juniors out in Richmond, BC, Canada. If there are any Canadians who read this blog, just give me a shout out! Till next time, take care and enjoy life.

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    1. timhortons

      small how we wish to see those pic? are you planning to settle in bc or its just a visit?

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