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    Gibraltar Round 1

    January 27, 2009 • General

    Today I started my defense of the Gibraltar Telecom Open which I won last year in spectacular fashion. Coming off of a few stressful weeks, it is nice to be back in Gibraltar where the lovely weather and friendly people are always a welcome sight for me. In the first round game, I played the young Polish FM, Arkadiusz Leniart with Black. The game started fairly routinely out of the opening until he had a seizure and decided to try and play the hero. The whole Bh6 idea with Ng5 was a beginners try at a hopeful mate. I was able to defend quite easily and the game wasn’t much of a challenge. A good start is just what I needed, and I will check back in tomorrow for all the eager fans.


    1. There’s no need to be so modest, Hikaru. 😉

    2. Looking forward to a great tourney and further updates.

    3. I love you smallville!

    4. morganv2851

      hold it down again nak, yr play was seemless and strong in the first round, and yr already .5 pts ahead of a key rival gashimov!

      you have a lot of people watching, good luck and stay focused….

    5. Hikaru, just finished watching your game against Kotronias……dont worry bout it dude same last year happened to that australian guy. You can come back like the eye of the tiger man, all your fans are behind you supporting you. Still a long way to go! Smash your opponent tomorrow!

      Jimmie Beatty

    6. FirebrandX

      Actually that game was very interesting from a tactical standpoint. If you plug in Nakamura’s c5 move, it shows it is a blunder and that Rad8 was the correct move. However, it doesn’t become immediately apparent how Rad8 works to black’s advantage until you try several tactical combinations. A very interesting complicated position!

    7. Your back in it Hikaru ! 3 rds to go you can do it man! Your loyal fans have faith in ya ! 🙂 GM’s feeling real uncomfortable at the top with you still around 🙂

      All my best
      Jimmie Beatty

    8. Yea nice game vs Golod. looks like he tried to be the hero with the sac on d5. the finish was real nice cuz computers even think ur slightly worse after 26. Bb3 but things are definitely beyond its horizon at that point. Be watching and rooting u on tomorrow. Keep the streak alive!

    9. FirebrandX

      Actually if you try the position on a more powerful computer, Rybka evals the position as equal after 26. Bb3. The line from my quad-core is as follows:

      26. Bb3 d4 27. Bg5 Qd6 28. Bh6 Bxf3 29. gxf3 Rc7 30. Ra3! with an eval of 0.00 (30…Qxb4 31. Rxa6 Qxb3 32. Bxg7 Kxg7 33. Nh5+ Kh8 34. Rxe5 Rg8 35. Nf6 Qd1+ 36. Qxd1 Nxd1 37. Nxg8 Kxg8 38. Rd6 Rc2 39. Rxd4 Nxf2 and the endgame is drawn).

    10. Looks like Golod was in time trouble by then, and he was on the defensive. It must’ve been hard being under that pressure while also in time trouble. Go Hikaru just two more wins to go!

    11. Very nice game Hikaru against Socko…..you made it look like gravy……..you did it! all the way back tieing for 1st with 1 rd to go….destiny is in your hands and u should get white too which is a plus…..Go go go!

    12. morganv2851

      incredible effort against gashimov in the final round… its only a matter of time before the 1/2s like this become full points and you find yrself in the top 10…..

    13. FirebrandX

      Yeah nice comeback effort. Almost made the playoffs there!

    14. You played an unbelievable game against Gashimov…..pressing for the win….. This was the most exciting chess ive ever witnessed watching you make a comeback. Well done Hikaru.

    15. Tic-Tac-Mate

      I am a fan of Nakamura, not a fanatic. It appears to me that he is afraid to play the top players. Making patzer moves against obvious inferior talent and moves so bad I wouldnt make them indicate this reality. Just once I would like to see him NOT lose to relative patzers and have to play the best players, and not muddle in the mix trying to come from behind.

    16. Tic-Tac-Mate

      just a note: we are not that eager Nakamura, you think so highly of yourself. Bow dow a bit, utilize a little more humility in your day to day life and your chess, you will be amazed at the gains you will make.

    17. tic-tac-mate do u have any mirrors in your house?

    18. if so…..stand there looking in it and say what you just wrote on here….that might help you

    19. It has been over a month without a fresh blog from HH. Has he been abducted? I am willing to start a fund to pay for his ransom.

      I am setting the clock 1 month 9 days…

    20. Clock stands at 1 month 11 days.

      Fund for his safe return is at $8.46.

      Fans and well wishers are asked start a chess clock and leave it running until Hikaru Nakamura is heard from again.

    21. lol

    22. Nice win by Hikaru today in Austria.

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