Greetings From Seattle!

September 07, 2009 • General

This is going to be another short blog as I arrived in Seattle yesterday. Having gotten my apartment in order with the exception of internet, I am enjoying myself thus far. Overall, I have mostly recovered although I still have some slight throat problems even now. Tomorrow, I will be making my debut in the US Chess League, so I will definitely attempt to blog after the game/match. GO SLUGGERS!


  1. glanmaster

    Glad to see you are making a recovery.

  2. Go Hikaru! Hope you will be back to 100% soon!


  3. Good to hear you are in better health and spirits. Good luck in the games and matches. We’re rooting for you.

  4. Jack Hatfield

    welcome to Seattle. Hope youwill like the N.W. It will not be long before your feet will become webbed like the rest of us natives.

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