February 01, 2010 • General

Greetings to everyone out there once again! Since I am spending much of the next 24 hours traveling, I will not be able add a blog until I am back in the US. Having said that, I hope everyone enjoyed the games, and I look forward to recapping all the exciting action over the past month!


  1. Marty Tallan

    Great to hear from you. Congratulations from a fellow Scarsdale chess player (I play in Polly’s tournaments in White Plains and Scarsdale quite frequently) on a great tournament and exciting fighting chess. Hopefully you will become a fixture at these super GM tournaments and we will have a chance to see many more exciting games between you and Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik, Aronian, Shirov, etc. I especially enjoy your detailed and illuminating game commentaries on your blog(as compared to Carlsen’s rather brief and cryptic blog entries). But I know with all the chess playing that you’ve been doing recently you really haven’t had the time (or energy).

    Hopefully you will have some down time to catch us up.


  2. timhortons


    were waiting for your blog entry!

  3. You played great. It was a lot of fun to follow the tournament. Can’t wait to hear your comments.

  4. I thought I heard that you would be playing at the Areoflot event, is that still on? Seems odd that you would fly home only to turn around and fly back almost before having time to unpack.

    Anyway your games were the most fun to watch.

  5. Safe trip. Eagerly anticipating your blog. 😀

  6. DRosenkoetter

    Naka, that was great fighting chess I saw you play! Keep up the intensity over the board and enjoy the well-deserved rest after an excellent Corus 2010! I’ll keep studying your playing style!

  7. Hikaru, congrats on your showing at Corus. I enjoyed following your live games. Hope you enjoy a well-deserved break after all that nonstop traveling and chess.

  8. This is John in St Louis and we meet at the Open. Thanks for the autograph and posting my videos on your website. Your nickname….I am not sure I would want it (considering history) but once you get a nickname it sticks and it some ways it does fit your chess play style, so what are going to do about it, whine in the media and then they come after you for that! Seems like the media roughed you up a bit at Corus, but your perfomance took care of the chess heads.

    I am sure many of your fans will be eager to read what you have to say about the whole experience, so I hope you give it to us without holding back!

    I was very interested in your games at Corus 2010. I was hoping you could maintain your performance and when the game with Kramnik was over, I felt bad for you because I can only imagine how you felt! You knew you could of at least got a draw, if you had played for it, but you went in, full steam ahead!

    For first time in such a tournament, you did great and I want to thank you for your effort! I will pulling for you as well as many other chess fans as you attempt to obtain your goals.


    A Chess Fan

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