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August 08, 2010 • General

Hello everyone and greetings from Irvine, California.

Although this is not the long and insightful blog which everyone was looking forward to after a very long hiatus of two months. However, I would just like to let everyone know that I have been busy between guest appearances at the Chicago Open, climbing peaks in Sequoia National Park and receiving the prestigious grandmaster of the year award here at the 111th US Open. I will attempt to recap everything that has been going on shortly, but I thought I would at least inform everyone outside of Irvine that I am still alive and will be blogging from Amsterdam once the Rising Stars vs Veterans event begins on Thursday.

All the best!



  1. FirebrandX

    Congrats on the award! I’ll be rooting for you to kick some ass in Amsterdam!

  2. Stay healthy Hikaru. This time you OWN Rising Stars…we’ll be rooting for you here in Oregon.

  3. At least you’re alive! If I move to St. Louis can you make me a GM?

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