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April 29, 2010 • General

Hello once again to everyone out there on the internet! As most people in the chess world know by now, I am moving to Saint Louis. Many people may be wondering what prompted such a change. In many ways, the positive message in conjunction with a variety of chess programs, tournaments and media here in Saint Louis has really impressed me. The people in Saint Louis have been nothing but friendly and welcoming. It is truly great to see people who care so much about chess and being passionate about what they do.

Having spent close to a year in Seattle, I really cannot fault the area as it has a plethora of restaurants and the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Unfortunately, the negatives I encountered in Seattle are far greater. The people as a whole seem incredibly cliquish; I do not know whether this is a product of the work communities (Microsoft,Boeing,etc) or the area in general. Either way, it simply was not where I was meant to be. Nevertheless, I would like to take some time out to thank several people who made my time in Seattle enjoyable. Thanks once again to Eddie Chang for all the work he did in putting together a great team for the United States Chess League.

Having read some of the articles and comments, this is not simply a symbolic gesture and I will be spending a fair amount of time in the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. So if locals want to drop in and see me, then come on by!

I would also be remiss if I did not mention several people in Seattle who made my time there significantly more enjoyable.

I’d like to thank Eddie Chang for all his help in my settling in Seattle as well as his work for the Seattle Sluggers in the United Chess League. Casey Collins and his family for the hospitality they showed me on numerous occasions which I will never forget. Last but not least, I would like to extend a special thanks to Jim Roberts, Erik Anderson and everyone else at AF4C for their great interest in my chess career and the scholastic programs they tried to include me in.

Without further ado, goodbye Seattle, HELLO SAINT LOUIS!


  1. mike henroid

    Good luck in Saint Louis. I can say (having gorwn up there) that the city is nice place to live, but we had nothing like the chess club that is there now. I hope you enjoy your time there. Check out: Imo’s Pizza, Ted Drewes frozen custard, Central West end and the Loop. It is a great town for ML baseball and hockey as well.

  2. aerodarts

    I am kinda amazed that you are moving to st louis! I filmed you at the 2009 us championship. You are a nice guy and of course a great chess champion. I just move from st louis to colorado. st louis is in the center of usa so travel is an advantage. if you like lakes there is plenty of that. Do not know if i can attend 2010 us championship and if I do I hope to get you on video winning it again. take care.

  3. SuperUser Account

    So is St. Louis going to have a USCL team? Naka, Ben, Brooks, and… I guess I can play with my 1600 rating.

  4. Best of luck at the US Chess Championship!

  5. It’s a shame the US Championship conflicts with the Karpov FIDE Presidential Campaign Fundraiser in New York. I think it would have drawn quite a crowd if you and Magnus Carlsen could have played an exhibition blitz match! Good luck in your defense of your US Championship title. Cheers! Mark

  6. Nice promo video at the US Champ site. Who’s the redhead!

  7. Congrats on first round victory! Exciting game!

  8. Good luck in US Champs! You made it through the prelims o.k. (but not without a scare from Larry in rd. 7).

    And what’s with the funky haircut? Sheesh.

  9. Dean Simpson

    I’m working a book about math education and am working on some parallels between the “game of math” and the game of chess. I’d love to get your thoughts on what kind of discipline it take to become a great chess player…what kind of thinking is involved….if you’re interested in contributing your thoughts to this work please let me know.

    Thanks in advance, Dean

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