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August 16, 2008 • General

So I won both of my games yesterday to remain perfect with a score of 6/6. Very shortly I will be playing the 7th and final round which I hope to win for obvious reasons. Japan has been another fun and interesting experience for me although the more I come here, the more it seems less and less exotic of a travel destination. That being said, I will always enjoy coming back to my homeland and look forward to it each and every year. The only downside (note to travelers) is that the weather has always been in the mid-high 80’s with extreme humidity which makes the 20 minute walk to the playing site rather less than enjoyable to say the least. However, such is life and so far it doesn’t seem to be affecting my play.

Since I haven’t done much with this website recently, there are several updates to report. On the “homepage” there is the What’s New tab with all the most recent news on me. I have also changed the events page slightly so that it now is in a calendar format which I hope makes it slightly more lively. Another big change which will be coming is that I should have a java viewer from which I can upload games. Some might wonder why I am not trying to use a Chessbase format, but the problem is simply that it requires way too much programming. The last note and this is almost certainly the most important one is that I will be starting a monthly interview program. I do not think it will be live at first, (probably mp3 format on the site) but I plan to allow people to submit questions from ICC. I plan to answer 20-30 questions in a 1 hour time frame. If you leave me a message (to smallville) on ICC or simply here too it would be much appreciated. I would blog more, but I actually have to go get ready to play my last round game here in Japan.


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  1. Maybe you could setup a podcast feed for the mp3? That would make it very convenient for people wishing to listen in to your interview program.

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