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    Mainz Update

    July 30, 2009 • General

    Greetings to everyone out there in cyberspace once again! Although I wish I could write a long blog right now, I am pretty tired and it is 2 AM, so I’ll just sum it up that I beat Levon Aronian 3.5-.5 today in the finals of the 960 World Chess Chess Championship here in Mainz, Germany. I’ll add a complete blog recapping the first three days of action and add some pictures along with it.


    1. timhortons

      cheers smallville!

      ICC simply rock with these win!

    2. 3.5-.5! great score! can’t wait to see your blog and see some great pictures!!!

    3. TheGreatest

      Cheers to your win and your chess! Looking forward to your blog update!

    4. 3.5-.5! great score! can’t wait to see your blog and see some great pictures!!!

    5. Way to go Hikaru! I think what happened first day actually made you more determined. The fighting spirit is what i like the most about u. Keep it up!

    6. TheGreatest

      Being the world champion is something special. I hope you get to compete in the World Rapid Championship next year. I was mad that you haven’t been included in the World Blitz championship since you typically dominate. Maybe you can challenge Anand in a blitz match at Mainz! Have someone take a video of that! I’m sure you could find some backers!

    7. Ok ….the WORLD is officially on NOTICE ! 🙂 Nak bro I think your catching your stride. Up till this year you have been humble in your expectations and more then courteous to the top players but im LIKING your attitude this year. You mentioned at the US world championship you felt more like a favorite this year then when you won a few years ago. I think the difference in your game is this new attitude. You must look at yourself now as the BEST in the WORLD. You have seen what these other guys got and the fact is ..they got NOTHING on you. You have a big advantage over them in that …like you noted from playing lots of blitz ..you lost your fear of losing. This edge will be the difference over the other guys who dont seem to play outside the box. Your tactical skills are far superior to what i see from them. While they were busy learning book …you played with great natural skill. This year your booking up a bit and now your gaining the complete edge and the results are coming bro. Your even dressing sharper and starting to look like a World Champion. Don’t be afraid to carry yourself like one because …unless you believe it yourself and it shows in your walk ….others will take that as weakness to work with. The best thing to do now is.. walk in the room like the new Kasparov and start spanking these guys. They have been holding you out of being invited to the major events and we all have known you have been ready for some time. Now they cant deny you anymore and therefore I’m putting the rest of the world on notice hehe with the USA’s TOP GM …Mr. Nakamura from now on to them !


    8. MiamiBob

      You are the greatest! Hikaru…the next World Champion! Please play the Stonewall Attack once in a while with White.

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