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February 23, 2011 • General

Greetings to everyone on this blustery and oddly cold day (fabulous 21 car pile up on Interstate 64) here in Saint Louis! I haven’t blogged in the better part of a week, so it seemed like high time to give y’all an update.

After returning home from Memphis yesterday afternoon, I did a short interview for Chesstalk with IM John Watson on the Internet Chess Club. I am not completely sure when it will be on, but I suspect that it should be sometime in the near future. After a relaxing evening full of watching hockey, (I was able to watch the Canucks, Blues and Rangers thanks to NHL GameCenter Live)I woke up this morning and saw an email from GM Dorian Rogozenko inviting me to the Kings Tournament in Bazna, Romania! Without second though, I accepted, and I now have a very acceptable second half of the year with Bazna, Dortmund, Bilbao Grand Slam Final and London all confirmed.

Alas, I am now going to take a nice long siesta in true Spanish tradition! I will attach a few links for those who are interested in the news stories I did this past week in Memphis, Tennessee!


Saint Louis



  1. Awesome!!!! More chances for you to kill the cream of the crop. Heeeerrrre comes Hikaru! I loved that cartoon on chessvibes.

  2. Any word on other GMs playing in Bazna?

  3. lol at the use of the word “acceptable”.Sounds like a cool word to use in describing such a thing 🙂

  4. Sounds like you’r satisfied with ur scheduel, cant wait to follow ur games and blogs 😀

  5. Pineau Jacques-Marie

    Dear Hikaru, I tried to contact you via FaceBook but it seems it doesn’t work.
    I think you will be happy to know that your shogi friends, Mr Habu and Mr Moriuchi (As challenger) will play the next “shogi world championship” they call “Meijin sen” (from April to July) ! We hope to you too big chess success in the road of the very top ! 2010 was a great year. 2011 will be even better!

    PS: “A long siesta in true Spanish tradition!” Is it a mysterious message about opening preparation?

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  7. I was interesting on it,can you tell me something more.

  8. Hi Hikaru,

    Is it possible to have you come to our club to play a simul. We’re located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

    Please let me know.

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