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December 28, 2011 • Blog

Hello and greetings from Italy on this fine Thursday morning. I would like to welcome everyone to my new website, and I look forward to adding more content in the forthcoming days as the tournament here in Reggio Emilia progresses.

Hikaru Nakamura



  1. Like the site, just needs a few improvements – a) too much scrolling, b) smaller fonts, c) a little too dark.

  2. Liking the new site! Thanks for fielding questions from us guys in the peanut gallery on ICC in between your games. You should bottle your answers to our most common blitz questions for a blog, maybe? Best of luck.

  3. Eitan Melleras

    Hello Mr.Nakamura

    Good luck at Reggio Emilia!

    Regards from Brazil

    Eitan Melleras

  4. Coy Morphew

    As a surprise weapon, I hope that you play the King’s Gambit in the future. Consider playing the 3. BC4 variation, like Fischer used to beat Larry Evans in the US Championship. Peace. Good luck in two weeks!

  5. Arthur Berger

    Your new website looks great. Your Reggio Emilia games are most enjoyable….and here’s hoping you will take first place.

    Kew Gardens, NY

  6. Jeremy Knox

    Great new site! I love the color theme. I noticed you have a pic. from San Sebastian on the about page, but I didn’t see your victory there listed in your accomplishments or your 960 World Champion victory. I think those should be added!

  7. King’s Gambit with 3.Bc4 was played by Bronstein and Lasker as well.

  8. GM Nakamura following your career for the last 3 years has been extremely exciting, you truly make us fans feel as if we are right there with you on every move you make on the board. Best wishes for your continued success at the highest levels of the chess world!

  9. Happy New Year Naka! I wish you lots of success in 2012. I’ve been following you for years, since ICC, and then when you became a super GM! I cannot be happier for you seeing you in the world elite, and performing well. I never doubted the inmense talent you have, even when people were saying that you were just “good at blitz”, I knew that one day you would be in the top 10, and I was right! Now you have demonstrated the incredible talent you have on board, improving day by day, and impressing everyone. Beating the world champion was just a small step. I hope your next step will include crushing Magnus Carlsen convincingly and building your path to the top 4 and try to become a World Champion! Kind Regards, a fan forever 🙂

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  11. Bill Harris

    The look and feel of the new website is amazing. Very legible and dynamic and interesting colors.

    Too bad the forums had to go, however. Only a couple other GMs (Loek Van Wely is one) were anywhere near as affable and approachable as Hikaru — who often could be found playing speed chess with other tournament-goers. A real “man of the people”. But I guess everything changes.

    Wishing Hikaru the best of luck in all of his chess endeavors!

  12. Wonderful site. Hope to find more informative content regarding chess as well.

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