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  • It was a draw, then it was a win, then it was very lost, then it was a draw, then... well, you gotta watch the reca… https://t.co/YYJUxRHIgw
  • It's like Groundhog Day facing Wesley So again in the Grand Final of American Cup. @gmjlh and @fionchetta are now c… https://t.co/NMEPgpjHzb
  • https://t.co/SPn9OZ0YH9
  • I have a day off thanks to my win over Wesley, but today @LevAronian plays Wesley in the finals of the loser's brac… https://t.co/EKYaejYpEk
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    Quick Update

    February 02, 2008 • General

    Very quickly, I will indeed post a wrapup report on Gibraltar, but it is just taking me quite some time to write it all up.

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