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    Really Quick

    January 25, 2008 • General

    Sorry, but I’m going to keep this short.  I just got done with a tough game with Al-Madiahki.  Basically what happened was I got tired and overlooked 54 … c3.  I saw the Kb5 h5 Ka4 h6 Rxa3 Kb1 Rb3 Kc2 Rb8 Kc3 +- variation but at that point when you get tired things happen.

    I’ll write more later, but it seems like I should rest up for my tough match tomorrow.  There are no rest days here, so I need all the rest I can get.


    1. The observer

      It was a well fought game from both of you for sure, I watched it in its entirety online. Even though I don’t have the skill to analyze the endgame, there was some talk online whether your 47. a4 and 48. c4 combo was worth it. Looked fine to me to create 2 doubled isolated pawns. Anyways, looking forward to tomorrow.

    2. hang in there and stay focused, you’re the best player there…

    3. FirebrandX

      Hikaru had a tough loss today with the black side of the Alekhine defense. The extra knight wasn’t enough compensation for white’s connected & advanced c&d pawns, especially since the knight was too far away to help in time.

    4. Thank you for providing us hours of entertainment. Your style is always fun and entertaining. I have no doubt that your fighting spirit will lead to victories in your remaining games. It will be great to see you bounce back from today’s loss and kick some serious ass from here on out. I will be cheering you on from my computer!

    5. FirebrandX

      In round 6, Isreal Caspi employed the Qd6 Scandinavian with c6 instead of Nc6 (c6 has become increasingly popular as g3-Bg2 is really powerful against Nc6). At any rate, Caspi spent a lot of time carefully gaining a better position against Nakamura, but then came time trouble issues and Caspi crumbled starting with 28… Bg5? allowing Nakamura to get double threats in with the queen after 29. Qb3! After that, Caspi’s blitz moves gave up more and more material until Nakamura’s b-pawn was going to queen and win.

      Great play by Nakamura taking advantage of Caspi’s innaccurate moves during time trouble! I bet it feels good to get a win in again after the dissapointing loss in round 5.

    6. Congratulations on your great win!

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