February 12, 2010 • General

Hello to everybody out there once again. I know many people are anxiously awaiting my third and final recap of Corus. Unfortunately, this will have to wait as I am currently in Vancouver for the next couple weeks enjoying the Olympics and rooting for Canada. GO CANADA GO!!


  1. TheGreatest

    I hope your third installment is as good as your first two. I hate waiting but the Olympics are the Olympics! Have fun!

  2. Rooting for Canada? Hmmm.

    Can’t you at least root for the American with the red hair named White? (Or is it Black? It’s some color other than red.)

  3. Bobby Fiske

    I am looking forward to the 3rd and last recap!

    BTW: What is the Canada “connection”? (I thought you lived in NY).

  4. I had a feeling you’d be at the olympics! , anyways going off topic, have you heard about the Japanese manga hikaru no-go i find it really ironic. since its about the japanese game go and its about a guy name hikaru.

  5. “go” is not a Japanese game. It was invented in China. Just saying… however, the Japanese and Koreans have the best players.

    Hikaru, FEED US UPDATES AND ANNOTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  6. Adolfo-arg

    Hello everyone, while Hikaru is out I would like to open an issue about one little thing that happened recently, the Polgar-Kaidanov match. It turns out that in game two the dragon was played and for all of us who love 1.e4 it is always a deal. This ancient opening has always been tried to be refuted (just like King Indian and others) but after that game I seemed to me that the Dragon is getting its way to the refutation (yes, with the Fischer´s formula “…sac, sac, mate…”). I uploaded my analysis here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OKINK55Z and I will love to hear from you (especially refutations) about the issue. Sincerely, Adolfo.

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